CityRover Help

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  1. The user gets to start with a random city and state which is displayed by default initially in the drop down box.
  2. Click Start button to begin.
  3. When user starts the game,say,the random city & State is Cape Coral, FL.The map is zoomed to the initial random city and state.
  4. The city Cape Coral ends with L.The user has to find a city that starts with L in any of the remaining 49 states other than Florida (since FL is the first state by default in this example.)You can pan the map to search for cities in other states.
  5. After selecting the state and city, click Map the City button.
  6. Say the user selects Lasvegas,Nevada.Now the user has to select a city starting in S in the remaining 48 states since Lasvegas ends with a S.
  7. This continues until the user finds a city in each state.
  8. Once the user selects a city,state and map the city,it cant be undone.That state is removed from the drop down menu.The remaining number of states to be completed is displayed in top right corner along with the time taken.
  9. If the user is stuck,he can restart the game and start fresh.
  10. The winner is who completes all 50 states.Users who completed the game in a "record time" are displayed on right.Winners are decided by the "Time" factor.
  11. GOOD LUCK.You are ready to play.


Random city state to start with -> Cape CoraL,Florida
San JosE,California

and so on.


  1. How do I start the game?
    The initial city & state is displayed in the dropdown.Just click "Map the city" button.The map will zoom in on that area and the timer will start.You can pan the map and find the city in the next state.
  2. Do I have to complete all 50 states to become a Winner?
    Yes.Thats what makes it a challenge.
  3. What If I have to stop the game in the middle?
    Click on the Pause button.Only one pause per game is allowed.
  4. What if I cant complete all 50 states?
    You can stop the game anytime.You still get to register your name which can be seen in the Players list along with the number of states you completed and time taken to complete it.
  5. Whats the difference between Pause and Stop?
    Stop stops the game completely.You have to start over from first if you decide to play again.Pause is like a break in between the game.You can resume the game back from where you left.but only one pause per game is allowed.