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General Questions
Q.1  What services do we offer?

We specialize in five services: Local Search, Virtual Neighborhood, Hybrid Search, Baby Name Search and Movie Name Search. Please feel free to view our demo to know more about what we offer.

Q.2  Is there any payment required for any of these services?
A. No. It is absolutely free.
Q.3  How do I go to the Hybrid Search web page or the Baby Name Search web page?

If you want to visit the Hybrid Search or the Baby Name Search just click on the tab "Hybrid Search" or "Baby Name Search" respectively. It is as simple as that. To go back to eLocalFinder you can either click home or click the tab "eLocalFinder".

Q.4  I have problems in viewing in Internet Explorer(IE) Browser.
A. Fix site display problems with Compatibility View Internet Explorer 10 and later. See here   to see if it solves your issue or let us know here.
Q.4  I have problems in viewing the Google Maps or search results in Mozilla Firefox browser.
A. If you have 'Ad-block Plus' plug-in installed and enabled in your browser, try to disable it and view the web page in a new browser window.
eLocalFinder Questions
Q.1  What is eLocalFinder?

eLocalFinder is your online local search for all of your local , business and personal needs. All you need to know to use this powerful and easy search is a city name or zip code within US. eLocalFinder is the only online tool that provides multiple business search with a single click. In addition, eLocalFinder also provides information about Real Estate, Apartments, Jobs, Flight Deals, ATMs, Banks, Physicians, Schools/Universities and Local News. Search results are powered by /

Q.2  How is eLocalFinder different from other local search sites?

While other search sites just display the selected local business, eLocalFinder goes a step ahead and gives more information about Real Estate, Banks, ATMs, Schools, Universities, Physicians, Apartments, Flight deals, Local news, Weather, Traffic and Jobs in your local area - all with just one click. Feel free to explore eLocalFinder to see for yourself.

Q.3  How to perform a search for a business with eLocalFinder?

Begin a basic search by selecting your business from the left margin checkboxes.Type your zip code or city and state. The auto fill makes your job easier by completing the location for you. Click search. If you want to do a custom search see question 6 and 7.

Q.4  What is Custom Search?

Though we provide the option of selecting most of the businesses in the left margin for user’s convenience, we also provide a custom search in case we have left out any business. It works the same as the basic search. But instead of selecting the business from the checkbox, all you have to do is just type the business name in the search box and location in the location box and click search. Click here for Custom Search demo..

Q.5  What Keywords can be used with custom search?

Any business keywords such as Taxi, Hair Salon etc can be used with the custom search. If any inappropriate word is used eLocalFinder informs the user that it is incorrect.

Q.6  How are the results displayed?
A. The business results are sorted and displayed according to the distance with the nearest one being first.
Q.7  What kind of information do we get from the users?
A. We get the name and email address from the users when they use the Contact us page.
Q.8  Do we sell the user information to third parties?

We do not use the user information for any other purpose other than sending emails about search results from Hybrid Search and Shopping Search periodically.

Q.9  Where do we get the results from? Is it reliable?

Search results are powered by Some of the business information is provided by other business which you can see in the privacy section for their information.

Q.10  What should I do if information about a business listing is wrong?
A. Please feel free to contact us here to let us know if anything is wrong.
Q.11  What information do I get for each business listing?

Each business listing has the Address,Phone Number and Directions to make it more convenient for the users. In turn they can also click on the business listing to be taken to the corresponding website for more details.

Hybrid Search Questions
Q.1  What is Hybrid Search

Hybrid Search gives you the search results from top search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask all in one view , so that visitors can view the top search engines results all at one time and upon that our Hybrid Search Algorithm analyzes the search engine results and gives the Ranking(H-Rank a.k.a Hybrid Ranking) based on the all the Search engines top results.

Q.2  How does Hybrid Search work?

Hybrid Search ranks the common websites from the search Engines. The H-Rank column lists the ranks of the most common websites with the respective websites being listed on the websites column. The most common website is ranked first, followed by the second most common website and so on.Click here for Hybrid Search demo.

Q.3  What keyword can I use for Hybrid Search?
A. Anything that can be searched in a search engine can be searched with Hybrid Search.
Q.4  Why do I have to register for Hybrid Search?
A. Register with Hybrid Search to have ranked search results sent to your email daily,weekly or monthly.